Influence take many forms. Magazines, social media, movies … and games.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that kids who are playing shooter games will turn into bank robbers. But there are other kind of influences that are more subtle and that can work as a trigger.

While I was finishing the graphics for level 4 yesterday afternoon, it occured to me that the way I was making these characters might not be suitable for everyone.

How to change the influence

As game developers we have a certain responsibility towards those who are playing our games, and that’s where we can make a difference. To be liable for eating disorders is not on our agenda, and because of that I will make at least half of these characters in a larger size and a bit more realistic.
Games and the influence they can have on kids

In a world where life is twisted in an abstract mirror, these characters are nothing but squeezed around the waist.  It’s meant to be surreal, but to understand surreal and abstract you really need to understand what reality is first of all. And 10-12 year old girls are still living in a reality that has very little to do with the grown-up world.

So, with that in mind I’m making the graphics for level 5 today. The outline is ready and I’ve made her a bit more realistic. I think it’s important to break the mould and show that all kinds of body shapes are acceptable.

Level 4 was ready yesterday and can be found below 🙂 It’s also a perfect example of the body image we don’t want to hand over to the next generation. Or any generation, for that matter.

I’m also changing the skin colour slightly from level to level. Although I’m staying on the safe side with that bit since it can be a minefield if done wrong. Maybe in the next game 🙂

Games and the influence they can have on kids