Abstract Eve - a puzzle game

Abstract Eve is a puzzle game that we’ve been working on for some time now. It will have 20 base levels and then there will be additional level packs to buy. We are releasing this for PC and Android to begin with, and if that works it will also be available for iOS later on.

There will be options to play this puzzle game timed or in a more relaxed mode.
While building this there’s been a lot of test runs of course, and although I’ve done the graphics and the level code, even I have problems to find where all the pieces should go. So I can promise it’ll be a challenge 🙂

Programming with LÖVE

We are using the programming language LÖVE for this game, and according to Robin who is doing all the programming, it’s easy to use and it works. We might just continue to use it in other games too later on.
At the moment Robin is doing troubleshooting and bug fixing in the first beta version of Abstract Eve. And if everything goes according to plan, there will a beta version ready for testing this upcoming weekend.

I’m doing the graphic design and although I’ve done this for the past 30+, it’s still a challenge, but a fun one.
When I’m done with the graphics for the basic puzzle, I will start the levels for the additional levels with different kinds of topics: flags, food, cars, animals….the list can be made endless.
Other than the graphics and the layout I’m also writing the level code.

Below you can see a video of an early version of this puzzle. Robin was giving it a test run a few weeks before the holidays. Since then a lot has happened, but it’ll give you an idea what it is about.